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The Finance Department, Customer Service Division is responsible for collecting utility bills for water and electric accounts associated with the Utilities Department.

Late Charge (charged after the due date of the current bill) $2.00 plus 1% unpaid over $5.00
Return Check Charge $50.00
Turn on Charge (electric and water for any reason) $50.00
Disconnect fee (electric and water for any reason) $50.00
Backflow Processing Fee $2.00/month
Temporary Commercial Electric Service $150.00
Service Charge (new connections, transfer service) $20.00
Fire Sprinkler System Connection Fee $127.50/year
Temporary Water Meter on Fire Hydrant $100.00
Locate Stop Box $40.00
Pole Attachment Fee $6.00/year
 Bill and Collect Sewer (monthly charge) 10,450.00 
Unauthorized connections/re-connections, meter tampering $375.00
Engineering Plan Review 1% Project Cost
Water Main Taps - 2" or less $125.00
Updated: 3/26/2019