Budget Billing

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The Budget Billing Program is available to residential customers who want a set price on their  monthly utility bills and avoid some of the peaks and valleys of seasonal utility costs.
Participating customers pay the same amount from month to month based on the average of their bills during the previous 12 months. Costs are spread out over the entire year, making it easier to plan your budget.

How the Program Works

Every November we calculate your average electric and water consumption for the previous 12 months. A letter will be sent out with your bill at that time notifying you if your monthly payment will increase or decrease.
Charges for any other services such as Sanitary Sewer service are then added to determine the total Budget Billing amount for the current month.


  • Residential Service Only (No commercial accounts can be put on budget plan)
  • The customer has to have 12 consecutive full billing cycles - Partial bill does not qualify as a “bill” (If the customer moves into a property in the middle of a cycle, that would be their first partial bill, and must receive 12 full cycle bills thereafter to qualify)
  • The 12th cycle bill must be paid in full before the next bill date.
  • If two budget payments are missed in a calendar year period, the customer will be removed from budget for a minimum of 12 months, until good pay history can be shown again.
  • No more than 1 late payments in the last 12 months.
How to enroll
  • Call a customer service representative at (308) 385-5480
  • Stop in and see us at our Customer Service Center at 1306 W 3rd St
  • Email your request
  • Fax your request
  • COMING SOON - Electronic Form Submission


Customers can request to be removed from the budget plan at any time, however if their account has a balance, it must be brought current.