Power Generation Cycle

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Explore how electric power is generated at Platte Generating Station by using the following schematic of Unit No. 1 at Platte Generating Station.

PGS Powergen

  1. The boiler consists of many steel tubes filled with water. The heat boils the water and the steam is collected at the top. The steam flows to the turbine. Ash is collected at the bottom of the boiler and in the precipitator, where it is periodically conveyed to an ash collection system.

  2. The high pressure turbine primarily consists of fan-type blades attached to a shaft. Steam flows against the blades, causing the shaft to turn.

  3. The intermediate and low pressure turbines, while constructed like the high pressure turbines, are designed to add efficiency to the cycle.

  4. The shaft of the generator is connected to the turbine shaft. When the turbine rotates the generator, electricity is produced.

  5. Steam leaves the turbine and is admitted to the condenser, where it is cooled by circulating water. The steam is condensed, and is pumped back to the boiler.

  6. The heaters are used to heat the water on its return back to the boiler. Small amounts of steam are removed from the turbine at different pressures to heat the water.

  7. One of the heaters is called the deaerator because, in addition to heating the water, it removes air and other dissolved gases from the water.

  8. The cooling tower is used to cool the circulating water. This is done by blowing air across water that is falling through the cooling tower.

  9. Coal is delivered to the Platte Generating Station by rail. Belt conveyors are used to transfer the coal to the storage bunkers.

  10. The coal flows by gravity into the pulverizers, which grind the coal into the approximate fineness of talcum powder. It is then blown into the furnace, where it mixes with air, and burns.

  11. The electrostatic precipitator eliminates 99.6% of fly ash from the boiler flue gases by means of many fine wires and static electricity, so that smoke from the chimney will be eliminated.

  12. Electricity that is generated will be sent to various satellite substations located strategically in the electric distribution system. From there, circuits are used to transmit electricity to all of our customers: industrial, commercial, irrigation, rural, and residential.