Power Distribution Model

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Take a look at this distribution schematic this is how power is taken from the power plant and distributed to the consumer.

The Grand Island Utilities Department distributes electricity to homes and businesses located within our service area. Here is how it is done.

  • A boiler contains the furnace where burning fuel (coal, oil or natural gas) heats water to make steam.
  • A turbine changes steam's heat energy into mechanical energy. Steam pushes blades rotating on a bar, causing it to spin at a high speed.
  • A generator changes mechanical energy into electrical energy. The spinning bar of the turbine causes a huge magnet in the generator to rotate past copper bars producing electric current.
  • Transformer stations increase voltage of electrical current so it can travel long distances.
  • Substation transformers lower voltage so electricity can be delivered to local homes and businesses
  • The electricity reaches the customer over a system of distribution wires bringing the electricity to the customers meter, where it can then be used within the home.

Power Dist. Schematic