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Rusty Water

Possible Causes of Rusty Water in City Water Main:

  • Water main breaks
  • Fire fighting
  • Construction

Possible Causes of Rusty Water in Customer Premises:

  • Bad plumbing (galvanized)
  • Bad water heater

Try running your water for 20 minutes. If it is still rusty, check with some of your neighbors to see if theirs is rusty also. If not, it could be your plumbing. Check to see if you have galvanized plumbing, this could be your problem.

Low Pressure

Possible Causes For Low Pressure in customer premises:

  • Main valve at water meter off or partially off
  • Screens on faucets are plugged
  • Plumbing

Possible Causes for Low Pressure in City main:

  • Major leaks
  • Major fire fighting
  • Maintenance
  • Construction

If the low pressure is at ALL the faucets throughout the house, check your main valve. This will be located next to your water meter, usually where your water service comes into the house. This valve is turned counter clockwise open.

If you only have pressure on a certain faucet there may be a separate valve under the sink that has been partially closed, or your screen on the end of your faucet may need to be cleaned or replaced. Sometimes the faucet itself may need repaired or replaced.


The City maintains the water system to the corporation stop which is the valve on the water main itself.

Any leak beyond this valve (commonly known as a corporation) is up to the property owner to maintain.