Backflow Tester List

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Grade VI Water Operators - Backflow Testing

For your convenience, below is a listing of Grade VI Water Operators. These individuals are certified by the State to test and repair Backflow Preventers. This information is not inclusive and is subject to change at any time.

*Also test devices on Fire Suppression systems.

Company Name Phone
Absolute Backflow Testing Jon Fitchorn 308-383-1809
*Ahern Fire Protection  Tim Mason 402-894-1045
Aldana Plumbing Jerry Aldana 308-384-2291 
Anderson Brothers Paul Jensen, Don Pribyl 308-236-6437 
Antelope Services, LLC  Kyle Shepherd 308-520-0291 
*Bamford, Inc Kenny Gewecke, Tim Hewitt, Doug Roeder 308-237-2157
Bruha Plumbing & Sprinkler Laverne Bruha 308-687-6163
*Continental Fire Sprinkler Brady Swett 402-330-5170
Eberl Plumbing Rick Eberl, Chad Holbein 308-382-4646
Fenster Plumbing Courtney Dalrymple, Curt Fenster 308-986-2245
Herman Plumbing Robert Herman, Shane Welte 308-382-3760
Island Plumbing Co. Herman Meyer 308-381-6720
Larry’s Plumbing Larry Callahan 308-381-7823
*Mahoney Fire Sprinkler Jeff Barnes, James Williams 402-553-1221
Manfull Plumbing Shannon Manfull 308-383-1539
McShannon Plumbing Roger McShannon 308-384-6117
*Meininger Fire Protection Shane Meininger 402-466-2616
Midwest Automatic Fire Sprinkler   888-749-9158
*Mitch Sadd Mitch Sadd 308-227-9276
*NE Fire Sprinkler Lowell Mitteis 308-381-2033
*NE Safety and Fire Joseph Stahlnecker 800-504-0053
Nietfeldt Plumbing Norm Nietfeldt 308-382-8542
*Nifco Mechanical Systems Jerad Baxter 402-477-0666
O’Hara Plumbing Brandon O’Hara 308-382-0765
O’Neill Construction Jill O’Neill 308-384-5661
Plum Best, Inc. Vern Penas, Kevin Pool 308-390-4810
Premier Plumbing Salvador Mendoza 308-380-0663
Randy’s Sprinkler System Luke Goering, Mark Goering 308-384-4036
R&L Sprinkler Brad Lammers 308-382-7390
Selden Plumbing Dan Selden 308-571-0501
Sewer Rooter & Plumbing Ryan Logue, Brady Penas, Darrell Penas 308-384-2726
*SimplexGrinnell Jacob Ryan 800-895-4377
Swanson Plumbing John Swanson 308-750-3254
Tilley Sprinkler System Mark Thagard 308-382-1282
Tri-City Sprinklers Mark Alexander 308-390-3341