Report a Problem

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Emergencies/Outages Only

Report Emergencies by phone 24/7 at our Call Center (308) 385-5461 "Option 1"

Non-Emergency/Customer Service

For most other issues, call us at (308) 385-5480

Customer Service representatives are available Mon–Fri from 8:00am–5:00pm, excluding holidays.

Outage Center

Report a Power Outage

What to Do When the Power Goes Out

Before you report an outage:

  1. Check to see if your neighbors still have power. 
  2. Check your breakers if you can do so safely. The outage may exist only in your home or business because of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit.

  • If you have checked your breakers and are still without power, report the outage. 

To report your outage by phone, you will need to know the phone number you have associated with your Grand Island Utilities Department  GIUD service account. This number is displayed in the top right portion of your utility bill.


  • (308) 385-5461 – “Option 1"
Report a Wire Down - CALL IMMEDIATELY

Report a Wire Down

Is there a wire down nearby, but no outage ?

Don’t know if it is power, telephone, or cable line ?

STAY CLEAR and call the Grand Island Utilities Department GIUD Call Center and follow the voice prompts.


  • (308) 385-5461 – “Option 1"

Your safety is important to us. Stay away from all power lines. Assume they are live and dangerous.

Water Emergency

Report a Water Issue

If you are reporting a situation where there is a large amount of water from a broken water main break, a fire hydrant being hit, etc., please call the Grand Island Utilities Department GIUD Call Center.


  • (308) 385-5461 – “Option 1"
Report a Streetlight Outage/Issue

Report a Streetlight Outage

We do our best to keep the lights on, but sometimes we need your help to let us know if streetlights are out in your neighborhood.

Please use our online Streetlight Outage Form to report an issue. 


  • (308) 385-5461 – “Option 1"