Environmental Compliance and Stewardship

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Platte Generating Station (PGS) fully complies with all environmental quality regulations. Air emissions such as opacity (a measure of particulate ash level), sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide are monitored minute-by-minute and controlled below allowable limits. Water discharged to the Platte River is tested for pH and the presence of metals such as iron and copper. Only water which has been proven of acceptable quality is discharged from the plant site.

The staff at PGS aggressively pursue improvements in power plant efficiency. When plant efficiency is improved, less coal is required to produce electrical power. As a result, the formation of coal combustion by-products is reduced and power production cost are lowered.

Plant equipment is maintained in top operating condition. Well planned equipment maintenance and inspection contributes to a reliable and efficient power station. At PGS, maintenance outage time is used to clean equipment such as the electrostatic precipitator which removes ash before combustion gas is discharged to the atmosphere. Cleaning the "precip" on a regular basis results in an ash particulate emission (opacity) level which is well below the allowable limit.

Whenever possible, water and steam are reused within power production systems and "waste" heat is used to heat incoming air and water streams. For example, hot gasses formed during the coal combustion process are used to heat air which is used in the fuel drying and steam generation processes. This procedure results in less coal consumption, higher plant efficiency, and lower emission levels.