Underground Division

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The Underground Division of the Grand Island Utilities Department is responsible for the maintenance of existing underground power lines and the construction of new underground power lines. Almost all new services are installed underground. This includes services to both residential and commercial customers. Overhead lines are mostly used to older installations and in new installations where underground distribution lines are not available.

As part of the Grand Island Utilities Department's on-going efforts to update it's system and increase it's dependability and safety, some of the older distribution systems are being replaced with updated underground distribution systems.

To maintain this complex network of underground electric lines, and to supply connections for new customers the Grand Island Utilities Department employs dedicated and experienced people to keep the lights on. Whenever there is a problem, and a Utilities Department customer loses their electric service, someone is ready to repair the problem and restore service to you - in any kind of weather, any time of year, 24 hours a day!