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 wire spools  Overhead Transformer Storage

The Grand Island Utilities Department has a Warehousing and Purchasing Division to ensure that materials are available and can be obtained for the operation of the Power Plant Division, Power Distribution and Substations Division, Water Division, Overhead Line Division, and Underground Division.

This division is responsible for maintaining an inventory of supplies for the construction and repair of Grand Island Utilities Department's electric system. This division also keeps supplies and equipment on hand for emergency use in case a severe storm may cause damage to the electrical system or if any of its components may fail or wear out.

Purchase orders for everything from paper clips to turbine parts to pickup trucks are processed through this department as well as bids are received for equipment and supplies for all the Grand Island Utilities Department divisions.

To keep the warehouses properly supplied with the proper materials needed to maintain the electrical and water systems, the Grand Island Utilities Department employs dedicated and experienced people to keep materials on hand and to keep track of supplies that are required from hundreds of supply houses.