Overhead Division

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The Grand Island Utilities Department consists of seven divisions. One of these divisions is the Electric/ Overhead Division. This division is responsible for the maintenance of existing overhead lines and construction of new overhead lines. All electricity delivered to our customers travels through overhead lines though at least part of it's journey to your house or business.

To get electricity to our customers we generate power at one of our power plants. The power from these plants are delivered to customers via overhead power lines. Electrical power that is delivered to our customer travels via a complex path of distribution Substations, Overhead lines, Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Capacitors, Switches, Underground lines and Meters. Most of our customers are connected to power via overhead lines while newer installations are connected via underground lines.

The Grand Island Utilities Department has an on-going program to update and maintain it's power distribution system. The primary distribution system voltage is now 13,800 volts. This has been upgraded over the years from 2,400 volts to increase dependability and to be able to provide a more stable supply of electricity to our customers. Included in the system upgrades were consideration for ice storms, wind storms and lightning, as well as public safety and environmental concerns. A well engineered, heavy duty distribution system that can withstand destructive weather and yet meet the needs of a growing community using increasing amounts of electricity is a priority for us.

To maintain this complex network of underground electric lines, and to supply connections for new customers the Grand Island Utilities Department employs dedicated and experienced people to keep the lights on. Whenever there is a problem, and a Utilities Department customer loses their electric service, someone is ready to repair the problem and restore service to you - in any kind of weather, any time of year, 24 hours a day!