Pine Street Station

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 City Power Plant_Circa 1950  Pine turbine

The first two electric generators were built where the original Pine Street station continues to stand today (about 1/2 block south of 4th and Pine Streets) and were accepted by the city on April 9th, 1906. The electric generators were engine driven with a combine capacity of 325 kilowatts. By today's standards, that's enough generation to supply the needs of one or two large grocery stores, or about 50 homes. It is not known if these engines that turned the generators were steam driven (piston) engines or internal combustion engines.

From 1906 to 1963, the Pine Street Station continued to supply most of Grand Island's electric power. In 1957, the C.W. Burdick station located on south Cherry and Bischeld streets started to take over for the aging Pine Street Station and to meet Grand Island's growing demand for electricity. Continued increases in electrical use and limited supplies of natural gas and oil forced the city to build another power plant.